STEAM Education


In Smart Tech Academy we believe in STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

STEAM education movement is a way to teach our students how different things relates together and how they help each other. Our students solves real-world problems by using design, art and engineering technologies.

In Lithuania Smart Tech Academy has different areas where our students can learn using technologies for different things - starting from the arts to robotics.



Our youngest students are more creative than you think. They take Scratch lessons and makes amazing movies, postcards, learning materials and even stories. They tell their stories using Scratch and sends them to their relatives and friends.

Imagine Logo

'Logo is the name for a philosophy of education and a continually family of programming languages that aid in its realization', said H.Albeson in his book 'Turtle Geometry'. Logo - is a learning phylosophy, taking all programming languages in one family. It's an education method and also - programming language. Languages of programming for young studens are quite difficult thing to understand, but Logo makes it easier, together with visual, verbal and symbolic communication.

Adobe Photoshop

We use a lot of tools during our lessons. With Adobe Photoshop our students creates their own logos for the companies. They start without any knowledge how logo should be design and finishes out studies with a brand new logos and designs for websites, accesorries.

Office package

Making perfect text formats in Word, amazing calculations in Excel and beautiful presentations with PowerPoint or even Prezi - it’s nothing new for our studies. Here in Smart Tech Academy they starts their lessons and at the end of the studies we are amazed of how quickly they learn and make amazing presentations using these tools, that are required to know in our everyday today.


In Python course we have amazing teacher and the students learns very quickly. Students are able to know not even the basics but also variables, lists, functions, text formatting  and data types. Also they make their final work using Python.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Our students are more than creative - they want to make everything themselves starting from the idea until the webpage. Here we have HTML, CSS, Javascript lessons and results are more than we have expected. Young students are already able to make their websites from scratch - and not the simple ones!

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Do you have your own mobile application? Not? Our students have - you should ask them to create one for you. Mobile application development is not for corporates - students are already able to make their applications in their young age.


Amazing program for young creators - all the styles and history of architecture, 2D and 3D dimensions, inside interiors and outside exteriors with all the principles. During these course students are able to make their minds come true and visualized.


Do you use STEAM in your academy as well? Please write us your success story and let’s make amazing things together.