Girls in Smart Tech


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'Girls in Smart Tech' - celebrating ITU 'Girls in ICT Day 2017' in Vilnius (ITU Pictures)

Girls in Smart Tech (GIST) - it's one of the great programs for empowering young girls in technologies from middle school to university. Program is initiated by Smart Tech Academy team.

With headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, we have partnerhsips with our collegues in all Europe for one purpose - to make a growth of young girls joining technology sector.

Our Mission

We have a mission to attract, support, encourage and promote young girls in Lithuania and all over the world in any field, that technology has an impact. We believe that our support from the young age will lead their career into technologies.

We are working on several fields

  • Educational STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, maths) programs to promote creativity and inovation
  • Corporate and school programs
  • Attracting speakers and mentors, from successfull career in technology fields to support young ones
  • Participating in international events, like 'Girls in ICT Day'

Girls in ICT Day

On April 2017 we have celebrated an international 'Girls in ICT Day' together with ITU (United Nations specialized agency for ICT) and KTU (Kaunas University of Technology) in Vilnius, Lithuania. 'Girls in ICT Day' is an international event that empowers and encourages girls and also young women to start their careers in ICT fields. We are proud - 28 girls (age between 12-16) from our academy joined this event in Vilnius and other girls from all over the Lithuania were invited to join the event remotely in their classrooms.

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President of Smart Tech Academy Dr Danguole Rutkauskiene invited young girls to join technologies  (ITU Pictures)

During this event the president of Smart Tech Academy Dr Danguole Rutkauskiene gave the remarks and highlighted important role ICTs play in today's societies and offered every girl to join these opportunities. The youngest participant (age 12) Emilija presented a robot 'The Candy Machice' which is made by herslef and her collegue during the studies in Smart Tech Academy.

girls in smart tech vilnius.jpg

Emilija (12 years old) presented her "The Candy Machine" robot which was created during studies in Smart Tech Academy

Barbora and Marija has presented their robot hand, which is connected using Arduino and Raspberry Pi3 Technologies. This robot can be controlled virtualy online and make the action that user wants. The users can control this robot from all over the world!

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'Girls in Smart Tech' on BBC World

BBC World about encouraging young girls to choose their careers in technology.


We are happy to empower young girls for ICT fields.

If you think the same - please join us and let's encourage girls from all over the world together!