Best Projects


During more than 13 years in Smart Tech Academy our students have made hundreds of amazing projects using inovative technologies.

The Candy Machine,

made by Emilija (age 12) and Ignas (age 13)

- How does the candy machine works?

Our students Emilija and Ignas - knows this well. They have contructed the machine from Lego bricks and ??. Firstly, you have to full fill the machine with candies, because machine will not let you insert the coin. When machine is full of candies
and ready - insert the coin and get you candies!

This project was presented during an international 'Girls in ICT Day 2017' event.


An information web page for a ballet,

made by Urte (11 years old)


Urte is only 10 years old and she is a ballet-dancer. Also Urte loves technologies so has her own web page for a ballet and wants to introduce to ballet other young girls and boys. In the web page you can find basic information about ballet, clothes
and also contact to Urte if you have any questions. We are proud of how tallented our girls are!

web smart tech.png

A game for memory trainings "The Piano",

made by Emilija (age 18)

The main purpose of this game is to train your memory and musical ear. This program helps you to know the musical notes better and recogrize them in a piano visually. While playing this game - user has to repeat the sounds using this piano. Program
randomly generates the melody and plays the first note. User has to repeat it and after this action - program will generate the new one for you. You can check if your optiotrain your memoryns are correct ones.

Great program to train your memory!

piano smart tech academy.png

"The Crane" for a future contructions,

made by Matas (age 13) and Adam (age 11)

Matas and Adam has a dream - to make an inovative company where cranes could build the contructions without the human interaction. Two young students has worked with "Robot C" to make this crane going straight and forward, to turn around, follow the
line and go until it's safe to go. This crane goes straight until few centimeters is left until the box. This crane puts the "porcellain" balls into the box into the different sections, according to the colours.

robot smart tech academy.png